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Trakker - Defy Rods


Trakker - Defy Rods

PRE ORDER ONLY- PRE ORDER THEN NEW TRAKKER RODS EXPECTED DELIVERY DATE IS 20TH MARCH 2019 items will be sent as soon as they are released and received by us here at Fat Fish Tackle

Constructed from a carefully selected combination of high-quality pre-preg Toray carbon fibres, each of the three models are a delight to use, and they look the part too, with a distinct ‘reverse-carbon’ outer. The 3lb TC version comfortably delivers the rig in excess of 100 yards, but undoubtedly its best asset is the forgiving fish-playing characteristics. If you’re looking for those all-important extra yards, then the 12ft and 13ft 3.5lb versions are the tools for the job. Their stiffer blanks have been carefully formulated to ensure that while offering maximum leverage and thus improved lead speed, they are not at all unwieldy, and are forgiving enough to play powerful fish directly under the rod tip. All in all, these rods really are a pleasure to use whatever water you’re tackling.


High Performance Carbon Technology

Japanese Performance Toray Carbon

Fuji DPS with Gunsmoke Hoods Fits a Wide Range of Popular Reel Types

50mm Ringing for Distance Casting

Low Friction Zirconia Guides

Anti-Frap Tip Ring for Confident Casting

Full-Length Shrink-Wrap Handle with Compact Flared Butt

Middle-To-Tip Action Perfect for All-Round Use

Discreet Understated Cosmetics

Gunsmoke Aluminium Collars

Gunsmoke Aluminium Butt Cap

Black Nylon Carry Bag

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