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Thinking Anglers - Camskin Hooklength


Thinking ANglers - Camskin

A spool of camouflage coated hooklength. Sprayed sections break up the ‘line’ of the rig across gravel, sand and silt bottoms. Easy to strip, steams perfectly straight and is available in three colourways to match every type of lake bed.

Camskin’s coating has a higher strength than most other coated braids, most notably on the knot, where a breaking of the coating can severely compromise the anti-tangle properties of the finished tied rig.

The coating also has a thinner diameter compared to other coated lines – Camskin has obvious advantages for presentation and concealment, as well as the ability to sink naturally.

The braid is manufactured from genuine Dyneema, just like our tried and tested Tungskin.

Available in 20m spools in 15lb and 25lb in Weed Green, Gravel Brown and Silt Black. The coated outer is easy to strip, revealing a supple braided core.

TACSWG15 – 15lb Weed Green Hooklink

TACSWG25 – 25lb Weed Green Hooklink

TACSSB15 – 15lb Silt Black Hooklink

TACSSB25 – 25lb Silt Black Hooklink

TACSGB15 – 15lb Gravel Brown Hooklink

TACSGB25 – 25lb Gravel Brown Hooklink