Code: JK4067

Solar - P1 3 Rod Buzzer Bar


Solar - P1 3 Rod Buzzer Bar

• Adjustable width buzz bars in both 3-rod and 2-rod versions all featuring our Taper Lock screwless adjustment system for smooth, reliable and precise adjustment. As with all of the P1 range, these buzz bars boast the new ‘5 Spoke, Diamond Grip Adjustment’ collars throughout and feature our original Pozi-Loc ™, perfect-alignment system, which enables perfect alignment of any buzzer or back rest. Designed with a 3/8 BSF thread to fit all banksticks, there are 3 sizes of 3-rod buzz bars in the range, all of which are compatible with the Worldwide Pod.

Two sizes available:

• Front buzz bar 10.5" to 15.8" (265mm to 400mm)

• Back buzz bar 9.5" to 15" (240mm to 375mm)