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Ridge Monkey Transmit Spod & Marker Braid


Ridge Monkey Transmit Spod & Marker Braid

A super tough, high-visibility floating braid designed

especially for spodding, Spombing or marker work.

Featuring low diameter and zero stretch, Transmit Spod

& Marker Braid has excellent casting qualities.

RM-Tec Transmit Spod & Marker Braid is perfect

for coping with the constant abuse from repeated

casting with fully loaded spods when introducing large

quantities of bait at range or continual feature finding.

Zero stretch ensures super-accurate transmission from

your marker setup back to the rod tip, a factor that is

critical for finding the very best feeding areas in your

chosen venue.

0.28mm / 25lb/ 11.3kg braided mainline

300m per spool

Hi-Vis Green

Zero stretch

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