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Ridge Monkey - Connexion Stiffy Chod/Stiff Filament 20lb


Ridge Monkey - Connection Stiffy Chod/Stiff Filament 20lb

High memory

High diameter

Easi-Curve technology

High memory, high diameter nylon stiff rig filament. Created using the unique Easi-Curve technology, the Chod/Stiff Rig Material can be curved into shape by simply drawing between thumb & forefinger. Should you need to re-straighten the rig for any reason, this can be achieved with a firm pull between two rig tools: no need to steam. Brilliant for use in any rig that requires a stiff section. Available in 20lb/9.1kg and 25lb/11.3kg breaking strains. Weed Green. 20m per spool.

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