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Nash - Key Cray Cultured Stick Mix 200grm


Nash - Key Cray Cultured Stick Mix 200grm

Key Cray Cultured Stick Mix steadily releases food particles including the deadly Nashbait wild harvested crayfish meal through the water column, drawing carp to the hookbait from every level.

Harnessing the attraction of wild harvested crayfish The Key Cray range is the first HNV carp bait utilising the richest natural freshwater carp food source available. Combining the remarkable Key HNV base of proteins, aminos and essential vitamins and minerals with the deadly Nashbait crayfish meal creates a unique nutritional package, set to go down in history as one of the most effective carp baits ever produced.

Contains Crayfish Meal

High Nutritional Value

Vitamin and Mineral Boosted

For best results use with Key Cray Cultured Hookbaits.

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