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Nash - Dwarf Rod Abbreviated: 10ft: 6ft


Nash - Dwarf Rod Abbreviated

Choose from test curves from 2.75 lb up to the powerful 3.5 lb in 9 and 10 foot models, with black abbreviated low profile shrink grips or go shorter for real close quarter work with the deadly Dwarf six-footers for real eyeball to eyeball encounters and the smallest packdown possible.

• 9 ft models pack down to 44 inches (112cm), 10 ft models to 50 inches (127cm)

• Six foot Sawn-Off models retract to 29 inches (73cm)

• Ergonomic soft touch rubber reel seat

• Reverse mounted anti-frap Lo-fi ringing

• Matte black whipping and composite line clip

• Flared shrink butt grip

• Matte black butt cap with isotope slot