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Mainline - Response Flavour Approx 60ml: Blackcurrant

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A comprehensive range of flavours to suit everybody's needs. From fish to fruit to spice or savoury there is an attractor for every situation. A word on the use of solvents and flavour bases would not go amiss at this point. Generally the bulk of flavours available today use small amount of actual flavour on a high level of solvent base such as Ethyl Alcohol or Glycerol. These bulk solvents are the base of most flavours, but carp, such is their awareness, can easily recognise the commonly used bases. Having a variety of both flavour and a base of options such as in the Response Range gives the angler two variables to prevent using common combinations and spooking wary carp.

60ml bottles available in:

Tangerine Juice

Cherry Juice

Strawberry Zest

Tutti Frutti



Banana & Pear


Spice B

Milky Toffee

Salmon & Shrimp

Mediterranean ShellfishHydra Sweet

(To compliment the Response Range we have the ideal sweetener in Hydra Sweet, which rounds off the taste of any bait.)