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Korum - Barbel Rod


Korum Barbel Rod

Korum is constantly aiming to produce high quality products for anglers who value the pleasure of fishing. Its goal is to improve the angling experience of fishermen across the nation through the production of tackle that is good value for money, easy to use and of course practical. It certainly lives up to its slogan; “Fishing Tackle Made Easy”. Whether you’ve been angling for longer than you can remember or you’re just starting out, Korum has the terminal tackle you’ve been looking for and it’s affordable for angler’s on a budget, too. This barbel rod perfectly fits its ethos and is a superb tool for any specimen angler.

This barbel rod is packed with features that will enhance your angling experience significantly. It has been custom built due to the huge number of requests from modern anglers who target big fish on rivers. Korum consistently looks for solutions to problems common with many anglers and for gaps in the market so that it is directly helping anglers and making fishing an enjoyable hobby for everyone.

A fantastic feature on this rod is the white tips which provide excellent bite detection. Gone are the days where there was a chance you’d miss out on the catch of the day because you weren’t even aware it was there. With this tool, you’ll know about every fish that comes into your swim and you’ll be able to use the power of this superb barbel rod to reel it in without any problems. All the rods in this versatile range offer a progressive, old school action, which is perfect for all the traditional barbel anglers out there.

The rods in this range come in three sizes. One is a 13ft three piece outfit with a test curve of 2.5lb and the other two are 12ft two piece constructions. All the rods in this series are super easy to deconstruct and store during transit thanks to the minimal pieces; you won’t have to spend time fiddly with finicky parts, they are straightforward and simple to use. Both size rods have 1.75lb and 2lb test curves respectively and share a line rating of 8lb – 15lb. They have maximum casting weights of 5oz and 6oz respectively, great for adding the perfect amount of bait to attract the biggest barbel around into your swim. Every rod in the range has full, slim cork handles which makes them a pleasure to use on the bank. There is no risk of getting sore palms using this rod thanks to the soft touch of the cork. Korum combined practicality with comfort and succeeded with designing and producing this rod.

Yet another superb feature of the Korum Barbel Rod is the tough rod guides which will offer quality protection for your line in order to keep it in top condition. With your line in top condition and the excellent innovation and engineering poured into this rod, you will be able to cast perfectly smooth casts and have a pleasant angling session with the amount of barbel you will be able to reel in. This unique and versatile range of barbel rods reflects Korum’s growing knowledge of exactly what the modern angler requires on the bank. Customised to help the modern big fish river angler, every size of this rod does just that. You can pick whichever rod is most suitable and it will be tailor made to your angling style, making it the perfect addition to your gear. Korum’s ethos of quality. practicality and affordability is on top form in this series of rods and truly represents what the company is about. These rods are easy to use and an asset for specimen fishermen nationwide.

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