Code: AA0702

Korda - Katapult


It’s light, robust and possesses a set of features that help it stand head and shoulders above the competition.

Primarily, rotating collars help prevent the dreaded twist from shortening the life of your elastics – the single biggest gripe that anglers had with existing models. The grip is soft and rubberized for assured ‘pulting, even in the rain, and the frame has been engineered to provide accurate and tangle-free bat delivery.

There are two versions available, the Light Pult and the Heavy Pult, which feature different strength elastics. The light pult has a larger pouch, for delivering big groupings of baits over relatively short distances, whereas the Heavy Pult has thicker elastic, and a smaller pouch, for despatching baits up to and over 60 yards.

There is a full range of spares available.

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