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Korda - Goo: Almond Supreme Bait Smoke

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Kiana Carp’s Goo is a soak, a glug and a spod-mix additive, all rolled into one package. The cloud of attraction that comes off bait treated with Goo has to be seen to be believed, and this is one of the attributes that makes the Goo so revolutionary. But it’s absolutely not the only one. The feeding triggers and flavour combinations housed in the mysterious liquid have been carefully tweaked to provoke a strong feeding response in carp, wherever they are in the water column. The Goo was developed by Loutjie Louwies in South Africa, where it has been used to great effect for many years, leading to the unlikely dominance of the South African national team in the FIPSed World Championships. The lads even gave England a beating in their own back yard, at Linear Fisheries, using the Goo! The Goo comes in 18 serious carp catching flavours. The power smoke is a thicker liquid ideal for hookbaits. The bait smoke is a thinner liquid ideal for adding to bait mixes or drawing into hookbaits over a period of time.

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