Code: AA5749

Jag - 2 Plus 1 Buzz Bar


Jag - 2 Plus 1

The concept of JAG 2 plus 1 is a quick and easy conversion of your buzz bars from 3 rod to 2 rod set up and back again to 3 rod. The JAG 2 plus 1 buzz bars come in 2 sizes, front & rear and as you would expect they come in both 316 Stainless and Prolite Black.


Quick change 3 rod to 2 rod so you can split your rods up if needed

Adjustable width

Measurement markers on extension arms

New style thumbscrew lever

Compatible with JAG snag adaptors so can be used as goal post set-up and with the JAG Super Compact Pod

Adjustable caps for locking and aligning your bite alarm

Locking collar to centre thread. This does not need to be used but acts as security when changing centre.

Fit in both the 2 rod and 3 rod JAG buzz bar bags

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