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Gardner - Covert XT Kwik Lok Swivels


Gardner - Covert Xt Quick Lok Swivels

XT Kwik Lok Swivels are the perfect quick change component on German rigs that require the swivel to be fixed to the hook through the eye.

These XT Kwik Lok swivels are also perfect for use with quick change Helicopter rigs. They can also be used on Ronnie Rigs – ideally with a looped hooklink attachment to allow greater movement.

XT Kwik Lok swivels feature:

Anti Glare black finish reduces visibility under water.

Extra strong, smooth spinning and completely reliable.

Quick change crook allows hooks and looped hooklinks to be attached easily and securely.

Incorporate on ‘German Rigs’ for aggressive rotation of the hook.

10 XT swivels per packet.

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