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Gardner - Covert Safety Beads - Silt


Gardner - Covert Safety Beads

These Safety Beads feature a tapered central bore and has been designed specifically for use with safe helicopter and chod rig set ups.

Safety Beads have a 4mm external diameter, that is the smallest size possible for use with Flexi-Ring Swivel.

Rubber compound with tapered internal bore is designed specifically to sit securely on 0.5mm Silicone tube (on leadcore/leadfree leaders) or a medium Target Line Stops (on monofilament).

The taper also ensures the bead will slip over most leader knots – an essential attribute for the safe use of leadcore.

Can be used with running rigs and marker setups.

20 beads per packet.

Low-viz camo colours available in Solid Green & Brown, plus a C-Thru Silt colour to match the rest of the Covert range.

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