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Fox - Edges Camotex Soft: Light Camo: 25lb

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Soft Coated Camo Braid

Camotex Soft features a soft supple camo sinking inner braid with a soft matt camo outer coating which can be steamed perfectly straight to create advanced combi rigs. We recommend removing the outer coating before knotting. Available in Light Camo and Dark Camo in 15lb, 20lb & 25lb breaking strains.


• Ultra-soft, coated braid perfect for bottom bait and pop-up rigs

• Could be mistaken for a normal uncoated braid such is its softness

• Coating and inner braid features colour break camouflage pattern

• Available in two colour options – Light and Dark

• Breaking strains – 15, 20 and 25lb

• 20m on a spool

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