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Fortis - Wraps Bifoclas +2.00 Brown


Fortis - Wraps Bifocal +2.00 Brown

Bifocal lenses are great for focusing on anything up close. On bifocals, the lenses have a distinct line between them; there is NO gradual distinction between the two. Wearers have to look up and down to switch between regular vision at the top and near vision at the bottom. Polarised Bifocal Fishing Sunglasses are perfect for angler’s needing assistance with close up work.

New to the Fortis Eyewear collection is our Wraps Bifocal +2.00 Polarised Sunglasses. This highly requested addition to the range features a +2.00 magnified segment to allow angler’s not only perfect vision when fish spotting but also the ability to see items up close. This magnified segment enhances fidely jobs such as tying knots / flies or sharpening hooks. The +2.00 magnification essentially doubles the size of the objects you put in front of it.

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