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ESP - Camo Sink Link 3 Tone Brown 25lb


ESP - Camo Sink Link 3 Tone Brown 25lb

Tightly woven with a silky smooth feel and featuring alternating tones of colour which act to break up the outline of the hook link making it really inconspicuous, this provides a definite edge when fishing for pressured, rig shy carp in clear water.

Although Dyneema based for maximum strength, the special combination of interwoven fibres makes this braid sink heavily and its suppleness ensures it hugs the contours of the lake bed.

Perfect for a variety of presentations such as stiff/soft or reverse combi rigs when used in conjunction with a stiffer material such as Ghost fluorocarbon or for simple braided bottom bait rigs, especially on waters where stiffer materials may be treated with suspicion or for stalking at close quarters.

Available in two colour ranges, camo green which blends in perfectly over weed and camo brown which is virtually invisible over gravel.


10m spool

Silky smooth

Dyneema based for maximum strength

Special combination of interwoven fibres makes this braid sink

15lb, 20lb, & 25lb

Available in:

Camo brown

Camo green

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