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Cygnet Sniper Throwing Stick 26mm


Cygnet - Sniper Throwing Stick 26mm

The Cygnet Throwing Stick is a quick and accurate way to bait your chosen spot with boilies, due to the curved angle of the throwing stick, the distance you can achieve is far greater than that of a catapult. Meaning that even when fishing at distance the Cygnet Throwing Stick is a viable tool for scattering your free offerings around your hook bait.

Some anglers prefer to lubricate their throwing stick with lake water in order to minimise friction within the chamber, Cygnet have accommodated this by installing a drainage hole at the base of the handle. The throwing stick itself is available in two sizes; 20mm and 26mm, covering all sizes of boilies.

Aesthetically, the throwing stick is made up from a black smoked polycarbonate, with minimal Cygnet branding toward the base of the stick. To ensure a firm grip there is a shrink wrap, non-slip, rubberised handle, this ensures accuracy and ease of use, allowing you to repeat the same motion over and over

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