Code: AA2378

CC Moore - Northern Special NS1 Plus Pop Up 13/14mm


CC Moore - Northern Special NS1 Plus Pop Up 13/14mm

Over a number of years Gaz and a few of his closest angling colleagues have developed a small range of incredibly attractive hi-viz pop ups. Combining a selected blend of potent flavours and attractors with a high level of a vivid bait dye they have created these ‘Northern Specials’ (‘I.B.s’) that, due to their unprecedented level of success, have gained an almost mythical status.

Northern Specials for Chod Rigs

Following the huge success of Gaz's Northern Special NS1 Pop Ups, we have worked with him to develop the new 'NS1+' version in bright pink, bright yellow and white which have increased buoyancy and toughness that makes them perfect for use on Chod Rigs and Hinged Stiff Rigs.


"Give your NS1s a light coating of the booster liquid and allow it to be fully absorbed before adding any more. This priming process can be repeated over a period of weeks, or even months, to really supercharge your hookbaits."